Red Tide

El Niño: Creating ‘Shores Of Death’ for Chilean Wildlife

BY: CAROLINE WANG, CONTRIBUTOR   It is undeniable that this year’s weather has set some of the highest records in the books. A mix of rising global temperatures, mysteriously warmed waters, and suspiciously Northern situated storms have conspired to create one of the most impactful El Niños ever seen in history. The symptoms have spread…


The Petrobras Saga

BY: KATHERINE GAN, SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR In mid-2013, news broke out of the Petrobras scandal, uncovering widespread corruption throughout the Brazilian government. However, nearly three years later, in 2016, the Petrobras scandal has hit the newsstands again, as former and current presidents are now connected to the scheme. After three years of angry civilian protests and empty…


ISIS in Libya

BY: KATHERINE GAN, SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR Nearly five years after the revolution that deposed Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya remains a fragile state. The country is embroiled in a civil war with immense civilian casualties and deep divisions that threaten a complete state collapse. While the conflict has pitted several actors, including rival governments and militant groups, against one another,…


Islamophobia in America

BY: SHREEYA ARANAKE, CONTRIBUTOR Today, when one hears about the prejudice against Islam not only in America, but throughout the world, a thought-provoking question is raised: is humankind, once again, discriminating against innocent people just because of their religion? The answer is scary. Current Republican presidential candidates portray Islam in an extremely negative light. When a presidential…

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